Track tech: Index launches tech intelligence platform for the masses

Technology touches each and every market nowadays. Startups pop up in all the hubs and corners of the world, and tech journalism is among the hottest and most competitive areas for modern media companies.

Tech is hot, but that's nothing new. That said, there is so much going on that it's just not feasible to keep track of everything that happens in tech. Back in the day, reading one or two tech blogs on a daily basis made you an expert. Now, the volume of news and background articles being published daily is so great that even an experienced speed reader couldn’t read, let alone comprehend, all of that content.

Enter Index uses algorithms and natural language processing to analyse content from hundreds of A-list tech sources, and turns it into data so people can easily find structured information on private tech companies. Essentially what Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters do for listed companies, Index does for private tech companies.

When it comes to the most important stories that can be found online today, Index makes staying on the ball easy again. Scrolling down the home page gives you a filtered feed of the biggest stories on the web from today, yesterday, last week - even the biggest stories in June if you fancy. By creating a free account you can customise your feed to contain stories, funding rounds, and acquisition events about the companies and locations you like to keep tabs on. Index aims to make tools for gathering information on tech companies, previously only available for Wall street and the Fortune 500 companies - for the 'Main Street'.

“Gotta say, they did a nice job on the beta of Index„ Drew Olanoff - Senior writer at TechCrunch

Index has been tested for over 4 months, in closed beta, by over seven thousand people. Among those users are journalists and bloggers that use it for research and discovering new stories. Investors use it for deal prospecting, entrepreneurs to track competitors and to get noticed by investors and by press, and corporates to find startups for potential partnerships or M&A targets. Of course, techies in general use Index as their go-to filter and funnel for the vast amount of tech articles being published every day.

“Thinking that Index is kind of what I'd always wanted Crunchbase to become„ Chris Messina - inventor of the hashtag

The interesting thing about the feedback Index has received so far is that people use Index in many different ways and compare it to different services like the Linkedin newsfeed, TechMeme and Crunchbase.

“MUCH better than Linkedin newsfeed in every way.„ Ouriel Ohayon, CEO Appsfire
“Index is a more organized version of TechMeme with the ability to browse news at company level (neat). This product desperatly wants to fly like a peacock„ Simon Dawlat - CEO

Index is now open for everybody and is free to use.

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Download PDF
About Index

Index provides insights in private tech companies by turning unstructured content into structured data and intelligence. A tool for the tech community, tech companies, journalists, investors and analysts.