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Index update: Introducing funding timelines

by Index Team

Every startup out there (save for the exceptionally resilient and hardcore bootstrappers of the world) is competing for one thing: VC funding. In many ways, investments are the cornerstone of a startup ecosystem. They constitute the lifeblood of tech and innovation. Startups, especially early-stage companies, have a lot of attention directed at them when they raise funding.

Big rounds it send a signal – this company might be on to something, and is worth looking out for in the future. Naturally we want to give investments, and the companies that work hard to get them, the attention they deserve on Index. We recently pushed a small UI update which really highlights the most important parts of a company’s funding history - the chronology.

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As you can see, with the new vertical arrangement you get a quick overview of a company’s funding history. This way, it’s easy to compare the sizes of successive rounds, the time between funding events, and the investors for each round.

Small quality of life adjustments to our UI like these will keep getting rolled out as we continue to get feedback from the community and think of innovative ways to display our content.

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