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Index Update: Create, update, and share with custom lists.

Our mission at Index is to make tracking tech as easy as possible. With the huge amount of information out there, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with it all. Our first step towards that goal was to start gathering all the important tech news in one place, with a modern interface and a sensible sorting logic.

The next step is to give you, the community, more tools with which to leverage our content and make sure that you’re getting at what’s important to you. Index already lets you construct a list of companies, countries, cities and markets to follow – but what if you need to block out the noise and focus on specific categories or companies?

Customize it!

Our answer is custom lists. A custom list is separate from your general stream, so you can use it to build a more selective grouping of companies you need to keep up with.

Maybe you’re waiting for a handful of startups to come out of stealth mode. Maybe you’re bullish on SaaS companies from Dallas. Maybe you work at TechCrunch and you want to tag some “Soonicorns”.

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The fact that you're on Index means you probably know a handful of cool companies that you think deserve more recognition.

How does it work?

Start building a list directly from your dashboard. Access your dashboard by clicking your profile photo on the home page, and select "Create New List" to start compiling companies.

While you're browsing Index, at the top of company pages you’ll find the Track button.

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When clicked, it will open a drop-down menu that lets you choose whether you want to add it to your stream, or add it to a custom list. A quick 1-2, and you’re on your way to the next.

Share and follow other lists

Lists are shareable via a link on social media. You can choose to make your list publicly visible so that you can share them with the rest of the Index community.

This means that others on Index can check out your list and follow it if they like what you’re getting at! Naturally, you’ll also be able to send them to your team and people in your network directly with a link.

Check out some featured lists

The lists page contains a selection of lists curated by the Index staff, and we’ll feature community lists there for others to discover.

If you have a great list you’d like to share with people, tweet a link to @indexdotco and we’ll check it out (don't forget to set your list to 'public'). If it looks good, we’ll feature it!

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