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When it comes to books, technology companies have focused on enhancing the general reading experience. They want to change the way you interact with reading material by making content consumption more convenient and effective.

They’re not saying goodbye to paper. They’re stepping aside to say hello to new, reimagined ways of reading.

In our series of highlighting cool startups from the community, here are our exciting picks in the reading space.

Interact with LiquidText

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If you’ve ever had to read academic and professional texts, you know the struggle of taking notes. Highlighting points, making connections, and note organisation… It’s messy.

LiquidText wants to change that with gesture-based software that allows you to engage directly with the text to aid full comprehension. Pinch and drag your way through Macroeconomics. Good luck.

Chill with Readbug

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If you ever find yourself swinging in a Balinese hammock and fancy reading about homemade aircrafts in Nigeria, remember Readbug. The app gives you easy access to digitally optimized magazines.

The London-based subscription service prioritizes independent publishers, focusing on quality writing and design for a global, mobile-first audience.

Immersion with Duolir

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Language learners will be familiar with the advice of immersion. It’s not enough to learn a phrase a day. To enhance your experience, you should not only be learning the language, but its culture and people too.

What better way than to read the literature? Duolir is an app that gives subtitles to foreign stories to make immersion easier. Tap a sentence and watch it switch to your native language. Fantástica!

Read with Tablo

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Discover new stories and writers with Tablo. It’s a discovery platform synced to the cloud so you’ll always have your stories at hand. Never be too far away from mysterious packages and magical lands.

If you’re struggling to read new content, Tablo will give you a curated listed. The app learns what you like to read but humans will round off the experiencing suggesting the best stories for you to put on your to read list.

Energize with Spritz

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Change the way you read completely with Spritz. It wants to revolutionize the way people engage with and read content with text streaming technology.

Sound kooky? The app shows you one word at a time positioned in the optimal way for you to quickly and efficiently consume content. That means your eyes don’t move when reading, giving you content on the go. Impressive.

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