Let these apps illuminate the words that you could not find

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Dear writer,

How many words have you written today?

We heard you’re facing obstacles:

like writer’s block and keeping distractions at bay.

It sounds pretty dire. We’re writers too – we also stray.

Still, we hate that you’re having these problems – they’re pretty biting.

So in our series of highlighting

cool startups and shiny bright exciting

things. Here are our picks to help you out with your writing.


Start writing

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Swedish company BlankPage is on a mission for you to start writing and keep writing. Its writing platform is enhanced by a goal setting and tracking function. So if you want to write at least three pages a day, let the app know and it will work on motivating you through it. Manuscript in a month? Let’s see…


For the minimalist in you, Paragraphs is a writing app for Mac users. It does away with complex features and focuses on letting you “just write.” It has easy formatting options with a cool night-time view setting so you can crank out your best seller at dusk.


CalmlyWriter is a distraction-free writing platform with a responsive window that is always optimized to fit into your workflow. If you have particular difficulty writing, you can switch modes so only the current paragraph you’re working on is highlighted. Stay focused!

Then get editing

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There’s a lot of advice on e-mail writing out there with what you should be writing and how you should be doing it. It’s a confusing landscape out there! MailMentor is a simple app to help you write better e-mails. Start typing and it will tell you how long it will take to read, give you a readability score and offer some basic improvements.


Phraseology is a simple text editor for your iPad. It’s not just a canvas to pen your words on, however. It’s also a dynamic writing assistant, working to make sure your text is concise and clear. It will highlight all those adverbs you know you shouldn’t be using, and try to help you with sentence structuring.


As an editing app, ProWritingAid does what it says on the tin. It’s focused on improving readability and eliminating errors. It won’t replace the need for a human proofreader, but it will point out things like repetition and vague word choices, making it the useful pre-editor review editor.

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