5 companies trying to help you sleep better

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The average worker loses 8.5 days of work annually because they can’t catch a decent night’s sleep. That’s probably because your phone is sending you push notifications from all the different services and social networks you’re part of.

As a result, we’re suffering at work with loss of focus and engagement. It doesn’t stop there. The power of sleep is connected to being a better leader, being more creative and even increasing our emotional intelligence.

So it’s no wonder there’s been a boom in tech aimed at trying to help us get a better night’s kip. In our series highlighting startups from the Index.co community, here are our picks to help you get the chillest of sleeps.

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With Aura, Withings wants to help you improve your wellbeing and long-term health with a smart alarm clock.

Aura monitors the environment around so it can find the best time to rouse you from sleep with optimized light and personalized music. Waking up to Minnie Riperton and a simulated sunrise has never felt so necessary.


Have you thought about how meals, exercise and caffeine intake affects your sleep? SleepImage has. It measures your sleep quality to give you suggestions on how modifying your behavior and habits can make you sleep better.

It wants you to take control of your life by teaching you about the importance of sleep quality. Your bedfellow will thank you.

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Fatigue Science

Find your inner Patches O’Houlihan with Fatigue Science. It offers sleep and fatigue analytics via a wristband to improve your sport team’s performance and health based on the science that sleep is chief for recovery and injury prevention.

View your players’ sleep performances and read the insights in one dashboard so you can see who’s getting a good night’s rest and see who’s not so you can identify anomalies before they become problems.

FraSen Inc.

In the business of smart, personalized and wearable cloud-based technology is FraSen Inc.

To help you achieve a more restful sleep, its Neurofeedback Sleep Mask (NSM) tracks biosignals, monitoring your brain activity to wake you up at an optimal time “without [the] grogginess.”

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Sleep Genius

If you want to sleep like they do in space, check out Sleep Genius. Its science is based on research conducted for NASA to help astronauts sleep so rest assured they know a thing or two about having a snooze!

It uses special music and sounds designed to help you relax for optimal sleep with a gradual wake-up call. Fan of the power nap? It will also track those too and wake you up once you’ve recharged.

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