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Index Update: Enrich your content with our WordPress plugin

At Index, our mission is to track the vast amount of information on the global tech scene. We collect data and news content from across the web into one accessible platform.

Tech's constant innovation means there’s an endless stream of coverage on new products and startups. How does Index fit in the picture? We devised a way to let publishers enhance their content with our data using a convenient tool.

The tool is an Index plugin for WordPress. When installed on your WordPress site, it can be enabled or disabled site wide or per post. While enabled, company names will be amended with the 'I' icon, which becomes a link to the relevant Index page. 

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When the icon is hovered over, a card appears displaying information on the company's size, founding year, and funding to date.

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We’re always finding new ways to let you benefit from our data, so stay tuned for our next feature update!

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Download PDF
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Index provides insights in private tech companies by turning unstructured content into structured data and intelligence. A tool for the tech community, tech companies, journalists, investors and analysts.